Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

We create a lot of 3D environments and it seems only logical we would want to experience them in “virtual reality.” After meeting with another developer we decided to give the Cardboard SDK a wing, and provide this tutorial of our experience.

You’ll need:

  • Unity 5.1
  • Cardboard SDK (for iOS)
  • Easy Movie Texture Plugin

Let’s Begin!


Using Easy Movie Texture to Build a Movie Sphere

This plugin allows you to project your mp4 as a texture on the inside of a sphere. Then using a camera function which is linked to the Cardboard Prefab you can look around the sphere using the accelerometer on your mobile device.

We had 2 issues:

  1. Not able to zoom out of content that we seemed too close to
  2. Not able to easily come out of VR mode into Mono mode which seems like a pretty common use.


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  • Stijn April 11, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Hi Derek,
    This is precisely what I am trying to do for my final study assignment. The problem is that there is not much info about building apps with 360 videos. So I got really excited when I saw this post. Do you maybe have an tutorial about how you made the video textures work? I have Google cardboard sdk and easy video textures installed. But I can’t get them to work combined. Do you have any tips or good tutorials that you could advice me? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Stijn

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