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Design your own Project Management Tool! We DID!

Design your own Project Management Tool! We DID!

The first thing I have to say is…it’s true but not completely true. Well its completely true, but you might not think so at first.

About 5 years ago we thought we had made it! We had our own office with some cherrywood-colored desks from Ashley Furniture and spent an entire weekend hanging whiteboards from Staples and complicated (surprisingly cheap) lighting fixtures from IKEA…all the things you need!

However a year into this new office the whiteboards had indecipherable scribbles from three different projects, sticky notes that no one remembers writing, a WIFI password, and a cool collaborative drawing that takes up 50% of the board but no one wants to erase it because its just that cool!

Someone says:


And puts down their new self-help book:

“I can’t think! I’m reading this new book that says if your office is more organized than you will feel more focused!…or creative….or more focused therefore more creative! So it says: Step 1, take a photo of the whiteboard at the end of the day, file it away and erase it. Step 2, sign and date all the sticky notes…”

Everyone proceeds to fall in line and try to do the things the book suggests but after a week everyone is complaining and the office is just as disorganized as before.

If you’re anything like us, at some point you googled: “project management free online” or something like that and found a nice impressive list of project management tools with videos and free trials…all of which seem like they really could make things better! However we found that most of them ended up like the self-help book.

Just like the book, they wanted us to learn their way of organizing things. And that’s just not how we work so we end up burning out, losing steam or just plain confused.



After trying over 10 different tools, we finally found PodioPodio is an online collaborative tool, free for small teams, and it invites you to design YOUR OWN system by giving you the ability to create your own workspaces & apps.

Learn about Podio: Creating Apps…

Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

We create a lot of 3D environments and it seems only logical we would want to experience them in “virtual reality.” After meeting with another developer we decided to give the Cardboard SDK a wing, and provide this tutorial of our experience.

You’ll need:

  • Unity 5.1
  • Cardboard SDK (for iOS)
  • Easy Movie Texture Plugin

Let’s Begin!


Using Easy Movie Texture to Build a Movie Sphere

This plugin allows you to project your mp4 as a texture on the inside of a sphere. Then using a camera function which is linked to the Cardboard Prefab you can look around the sphere using the accelerometer on your mobile device.

We had 2 issues:

  1. Not able to zoom out of content that we seemed too close to
  2. Not able to easily come out of VR mode into Mono mode which seems like a pretty common use.