We have been dedicated to producing inspiring media for over 10 years. Our collective of animators, designers, and producers are ready to collaborate with your team to create lasting and effective digital experiences.

PwrSpark Production


Video is by far one of the best ways to communicate an idea! Whether you’re an international brand, an ad agency, a small business…or an inventor! We have experience producing video projects with big and small budgets.



Video isn’t just video anymore. On a daily basis, we work with productions companies to take their post-production process to the next level; including color-correction, motion graphics and sound design.



People are giving up their TVs, watching movies on their phone and sharing inspiring videos with social media. With each project we push our clients and ourselves to create unique solutions to engage an audience bombarded with media.

We are dedicated to producing media that inspires the world.

What we do


We bring concepts to life using what the industry calls a one-sheet, a visual document that summarizes the essence of an idea.


We design logos, business cards, book covers, movie posters, websites, social media marketing & digital signage…We even design our videos!


Each page in a script is 1-minute of video. And nowadays, many videos are 60-seconds or less. Which is why every word in your script must count! We can work with you to create a new story, or turn your story into a working script.

Style Frames

All of our video projects start in Photoshop. We create realistic “style frames” that depict key aspects of the video: composition, color, and visual flow…as if pulling one frame out of the video.


We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we’ve answered a lot of questions that you might have yourself.


Before we film one shot, there are a series of steps we take you through to make sure your idea is executable and everyone is on the same page.


We provide full-service video production: including make-up, sound, and lighting.


Editing is our foretay! We have edited broadcast commercials, music videos, movie trailers, promos, fundraiser videos, theme park queue videos and more…

Color Correction

If you’ve already shot your video and would like it to have a more cinematic or succinct look we can collaborate with you to create a color theme that enhances your video and ties it all together.

360 Production

Using a specially-designed camera we can now capture video in 360-degrees. These videos can be viewed using a VR headset, or mobile device allowing you to create an immersive experience that lets the viewer look all the way around!

3D Modeling

From replicas of scientific equipment to cartoony characters we use programs like Cinema 4D & Unity to create three-dimensional models that can be used in our animations and videos.

Logo Animation

We can bring your logo to life! Using a PS or AI file we can animate, flip, turn, sheen, shine, grow, explode and warp your brand!

Motion Graphics

We look at things when they move! Similar to a teacher using a laser pointer to guide the student’s attention we use motion graphics to guide viewers through a video.


Whether to enhance an already awesome set, or to fill in the gaps that the budget left, we composite backgrounds, skies, trees, and mountains into footage where they didn’t exist before.

Motion Capture

YES…like Avatar! In order to mimic human movement we use special sensors to capture point data of a unique activity like dancing or boxing! We attach trackers to the subject’s elbows, shoulders, knees, etc…in order to sufficiently track their dynamic motion.


Offering concept, development, and execution for cutting edge blockchain technologies and crypto currency. Determining how companies and organizations can adapt and thrive in the growing decentralization movement

Web Design

We started as a web design company back in 2002, but then found out that everyone has a cousin that can make them a website for under $100. We now mostly create websites as delivery methods for our videos, or as extensions of our video projects.

Game Design

Using applications like Stency, and Unity we now create games! What a dream come true! In 2013 we released our first iOS game on the app store…and there are many more in the works.

Mobile App Dev

The most used websites on the internet are tools! We can help you create a useful mobile application that educates and engages your audience. And ideally helps generate revenue!

Virtual Reality

Beginning with our need to distribute our 360-degree video content we have now joined the ranks of Virtual Reality Developers! We can create virtual classrooms, virtual adventures, or 360 version of your latest event! The possibilities are endless!


2D to 3D Paralax

2D to 3D Paralax

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Star Wars: CVI [Interactive]

Star Wars: CVI [Interactive]

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National Parks 360 [VR]

National Parks 360 [VR]

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Within Reach [social trailer]

Within Reach [social trailer]

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Familying.com [explainer]

Familying.com [explainer]

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Call of Duty [web intro]

Call of Duty [web intro]

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You can’t get a much better example of creative problem solving than in the app market. There is an app for everything, and rightly so…mobile phones give us a direct connection with our audience. In 2013, we made our very own Flappy app, check it out. (You can play for money!)

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Marco DiGeorge

Marco DiGeorge

Project / Account Manager
Marco joined the team as an actor in our very first film, Out On Parole. Since then Marco has slowly put on many hats: producer, web developer, account manager and sound mixer. Currently Marco is working to develop new talent with his highly successful: Truthful Acting Studios.

Jeffrey Halalay

3D / Motion GFX Animator
Jeff handles much of the 3d modeling on the team. He got his start with a curiosity in asset creation, and has since, gotten his hands dirty as an editor, compositor, and motion graphics animator.  Jeff is also developing an original iOS game: Color Savvy, and an original animated series.

Jared Rowe

Post-Production Supervisor
Jared Rowe attended the Valencia Film Program in Orlando, Florida and has been supervising our post-production services since the business started: video editing, color correction, motion graphics…and now is pushing us into app development with his iOS game, Good Luck Duck.
Derek Alan Rowe

Derek Alan Rowe

Creative Director
Derek Alan Rowe is involved in almost every aspect of our business, from creative direction on each project to marketing to business management. Derek has also produced three feature films and is now working on producing a web series.
Gatlin Rowe

Gatlin Rowe

Interactive Media Specialist
From a young age Gatlin always loved to experience the latest games, and new ways to experience media and story telling. his passion for interactive media drove him to create Good Luck Duck in 2014, and later making Virtual Reality apps and experiences.
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Design your own Project Management Tool! We DID!

Design your own Project Management Tool! We DID!

The first thing I have to say is…it’s true but not completely true. Well its completely true, but you might not think so at first. About 5 years ago we thought we had made it! We had our own office with some cherrywood-colored desks from Ashley Furniture and spent an entire weekend hanging whiteboards from Staples…

The Power of Templates: Photomotion, Must or Bust?

The Power of Templates: Photomotion, Must or Bust?

  Wait. So, what is this? Can’t I already do this? Haven’t I been enhancing and parallaxing photography for years within After Effects. Taking photography to the next level to be a more immersive and visually dynamic experience is an extremely popular demand. So what is this exactly and why in the world should I…

Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

Cardboard SDK: Working with 360-Video

We create a lot of 3D environments and it seems only logical we would want to experience them in “virtual reality. كرابس ” After meeting with another developer we decided to give the Cardboard SDK a wing, and provide this tutorial of our experience. مشاهدة قناة beoutq You’ll need: Unity 5.1 Cardboard SDK (for iOS)…

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